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Athletic Director

Athletic Director
Winter Athletic Paperwork Deadline 11/6

Parents/Guardians, Students and Staff

The absolute deadline for submitting any paperwork for Winter Sports is NOON on Wednesday 11/6 to P-12 or the locked mailbox outside P-12. If you are currently in a Fall Sport the deadline applies to you as well.

Boys Basketball; Boys Soccer; Girls Basketball will have a set roster as of 11/9. 

If you are interested in joining Wrestling, please contact me by 11/6.

What is required to tryout out for ANY sport?

Athletic Clearance: online and confirmation page, signed and submitted to Athletic Office for each season of each year. www.athleticclearance.com

Physical on MHS forms only; must have doctors stamp. ANNUAL by school calendar year

Concussion page. ANNUAL by school calendar year

Parent Participation Formtinyurl.com/19-20ParentParticipation  each season of each year

Insurance must be listed on Athletic Clearance.

Athletic Clearance requires electronic signatures for both parent/guardian and student. There is an option to PRINT the confirmation sheet. This is required for each season each sport each student each year. Please print, sign the confirmation sheet, and submit it to P-12, Athletic Office.  A coach needs to have access to emergency cards which only occurs if you sign up on the AC by the sport. A coach can only access their sport. 

If a student clicks no for insurance rather than finding out the insurance number, you will need to go back into Athletic Clearance to add the insurance information. The Coaches need this information for emergency purposes and the state requires student athletes to have insurance for extra curricular activities. 

Physical Forms need to be consistent for our access and need to be legible which is why we require consistent forms for our Athletic Department.

Athletic Clearance will send an email stating that the athlete is cleared for tryouts.


Please contact me at jbutcher@musd.org or 408-635-2800 ext 4150

Go Trojans!

Joanna Butcher