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Athletic Director
Winter Athlete Paperwork is now PAST DUE

Winter Athletic Paperwork is PAST DUE!  If you are a FALL ATHLETE this applies to you as well including the waiver for the parent/athlete meeting.

Please use the mailbox next to the door of P-12 if the office is not open. The mailbox is locked and checked several times daily.

Don't wait until November 4th to find out what you are missing.

On Monday 28th I will post the team tryout lists outside of P-12 by ID #. Please check the list to see if you are missing anything. Note the day and time of each printout before sending an email. I will not be processing any paperwork on Tuesday the 29th which means there will not be an updated list that day.

Check with your Coach in regards to what you are missing.   I ONLY email student athletes if there is an incomplete part of the paperwork.  I'm not accepting ANYTHING after 11/6 for Winter Sports; this includes the parent waiver form if they played a Fall Sport. 

Check milpitasathletics.com for your sport tryout times.  

I will be away from campus 10/28 8-1; 10/29 7:30-3pm; 10/30 8:45am-1:30pm for various meetings regarding athletics. There will be limited paperwork processing during these days.

Anything turned in on the 4th on November I will not bother to look at until the next morning. NOTHING will be accepted after the 6th of November.  

Parent Participation Form: tinyurl.com/19-20ParentParticipation

www.athleticclearance.com print the email AFTER completing the online signatures.

Physical and Concussion on the MHS Forms ONLY.  Turning in a printout from Kaiser will NOT be accepted and will shredded due to personal information.

After these 4 things are completed you will receive an email from Athletic Clearance saying that you are cleared to practice. Do not turn in the fair share until after you have been placed on a team.  Coaches are not going to hold a makeup parent/athlete meeting until after their roster is set if they choose to hold a makeup meeting at all.

Go Trojans!

Joanna Butcher